As a wholesale company, Unitra International is focused on making every aspect of ‘everyday family life’ more comfortable and enjoyable. Therefore Unitra offers practical and affordable products to retailers and consumers across Europe. With strong house brands and everyday products, Unitra wants to become part of your family.

The constantly growing selection comprises new and innovative products and upgrades of our bestsellers and classics. Whether it is home interior & decoration, baby or kids products, kitchen ware, travel bags or shopping trolleys, Unitra adapts to the needs of its clients.

In order to function as a true family, our communication is open and trustworthy. Unitra International makes every effort to ensure the best customer service by assuring clear and useful assistance, quick transportation, qualitative products and personal advise.


Our ‘everyday life’ has many aspects and ‘family life’ consists of several phases. Therefore Unitra wants to make each aspect and phase more pleasant and practical by offering the right products at the right time. Moreover, Unitra keeps focusing on the quality, affordability and expansion of its products. With strong house brands and the ability to innovate, these products become part of this ‘everyday life’.

Unitra International is the owner of several house brands such as Bama (kitchen ware), Baninni (baby products) and Bamex (travel bags) and sells these affordable and qualitative products to retailers and customers across Europe. Each product reflects and satisfies the needs of consumers all around and is a worthy addition to each household. In the future, even more house brands will focus on a particular aspects or phases of ‘everyday life’.

"With strong house brands and everyday products, Unitra wants to become part of your family."