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As a wholesale company, Unitra International is focused on making every aspect of ‘everyday family life’ more comfortable and enjoyable. Therefore Unitra offers practical and affordable products to retailers and consumers across Europe. With strong house brands and everyday products, Unitra wants to be become part of your family.


Our ‘everyday life’ has many aspects and ‘family life’ consists of several phases. Therefore Unitra wants to make each aspect and phase more pleasant and practical by offering the right products at the right time. Moreover, Unitra keeps focusing on the quality, affordability and expansion of its products. With strong house brands and the ability to innovate, these products become part of this ‘everyday life’ .

Our Brands

Just like Unitra Int., the house brands reflect everyday life itself. Whether you are starting your own family, moving into a new home or just looking for easy products to help you with your daily routines, Unitra Int.’s brands have the qualitative and affordable products you need.

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